Why starting an academic blog?

There is a growing trend in academic claiming that academic blogging is important both to strengthen the societal impact of research and to improve the quality of research itself 1.

I’m aware that social sciences in general and economics in particular are not that well understood by policy designers – so the importance to work on having a better social impact. But my primary goal, with this blog, is not to talk to a audience of non-specialists. Instead, I explicitly target my peers. These Notes, then, will likely be technical – at least, when confronting to a jargon or something like that, I will not avoid it. What I want is very clear: to improve my research, both by writing ideas and thoughts, and also to expand my network of both people and knowledge 2.

The reason why I kinda need to start this blog now is pretty clear to me: I’ve recently decided to dive within complexity in economics, and this a very new, hard field 3. I strongly believe that complexity economics can dramatically expand the way we, economists, model (and think about) society, by allowing us to design simple non-equilibrium models. But this is only a promise (and a huge bet 4), and a lot of work is needed to make this promise real. This blog is clearly hear to help – by allowing me to connect with other researchers working in complexity economics (or agent-based models in economics, or agent-based computational economics), to clarify my though and to keep a record of them.

A last word about my English: I’m a native French speaker (and writer), and I’ve learnt to write (and speak and understand and read) English on-the-job. So I apologize in advance for any linguistic mistake I may write.

Oh, I almost forgot: do not hesitate to interact with me and the blog. You can write a comment on any post (this one and the future ones), you can also follow me in Twitter and/or like the Facebook page. Any feedback or discussion will of course be deeply appreciated!

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