Finally, a place where I can say “I”

For a very long time I’ve searched for a place like this blog, a place where I could be myself without restraints.

Life is a show; we’re all on a huge stage, spending our time to pretend we are not the person we really are. This is both insane and perfectly logical. Insane, because we lie to ourselves all the time. Perfectly logical, because it’s likely that this whole hypocrite thing is the product of our biological evolution–as living things.

So who am I? I mean, for real. Well, it’s hard to say. Not that I’m confused about myself–I used to be, though. But I am so many things… Where should I start?

Marketing experts say that if you want to launch a blog, or a “product”, you need to focus on one single aspect. You can’t chase all in the same time. But you know what? This blog is not a product; it bears my name. This blog, for the first time in my life, I want it to be me. In all my complexity, my weirdness and everything.

I hope I’ll be read. I mean, let’s be honest: if I write publicly it’s because I want to be read. But mostly, I just want to write and to be myself.

Many of my friends, many of the people I meet, my therapist too, they all say I’m an amazing person. To be honest, I had a hard time before I started to believe that too; I’ve not been raised in a place where this is the kind of thing you say nor you think. But now I believe them. I think they’re right. So why would I prevent myself to write about the stuff I find interesting and important? Others are doing that all the time, so why not me? In some ways, launching this blog is an act of self-respect–and self-love.

My name is Olivier, and you just read the first of (I hope so) a long series of posts. Welcome to my life!