Hiking when it’s not sunny can bring beauty too

The last week-end I went in the Vosges mountains with my friend Florence. We went at the Hohneck, which is the highest summit of my region Lorraine (East of France).

As you can see by yourself, the weather was just perfect – so was the view.

At some point, Florence told me such weather is perfect for hiking. I disagreed a bit with her: last fall, I was at the very same place with another friend of mine. The weather was not cold, but cloudy, with a very dense mist. We hiked something like 10 kilometers in such conditions, and oh boy that was insane.

When we reached the top of the mountain (which is not that high, only 1,363 meters – or 4,472 ft), we were inside the clouds. Literally. We were able to see them moving, to feel them almost. It was beautiful, impressive and a bit scary – even if we were perfectly safe.

So yes, you don’t have all the sunshine and the trendy Instagram pictures. And you need to be well equipped to enjoy hiking in these conditions. But the reason you hike is another one. The experience I had with the environment/the nature during this hike was very uncommon (at least for me, who don’t live in the mountains), and somehow it reminded me how little one single individual actually knows about something as big as the world. How could I imagined I could almost touch the clouds? That was a lesson of humility.

If one day you have the opportunity to try this kind of hike, please, consider giving it a try. Maybe you won’t like it, but at least you should try. With the proper state of mind and the right amount of curiosity, it may be one of your best hiking experience. For me, it was.

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