I’m not a negative person

We need positivity to achieve happiness. I don’t write anything revolutionary with that.

On this post, I featured the Instagram picture I published to announce this blog. The caption of this picture said:

Launching my blog right now! I know I’ll be judged for what I’ll write here, but you know what? I don’t give a damn shit!

One of my follower said “it was very defensive and negative“. I’m neither a defensive nor a negative person – at least not anymore. But there is something important to have in mind: context. Let’s have a look of mine.

I was born in France, almost 29 years ago. I always lived in France since, mainly in the North-East. So basically, I’m “French”.

But yesterday, I wrote that I have plans to leave France, “because I have no happy future here“. There’s many reasons why being happy in France is virtually impossible for me, but one of them is that French people are very judge. Like, very. As in “you have no idea how French people are judgy”.

The French society is very conformist. You can be you as long as you don’t stand out of the crowd. So basically, you can never be you – or you’ll be seen as a fringe, a dropout, a weirdo, pick what you prefer.

As many French, I’ve been raised in a quite conformist family – in a even more conformist place. But considering who I am, French conformism is anything but the way of life good for me to be happy.

Since the turn I had in my life a few weeks ago, I don’t care anymore to what strangers or people who don’t respect me think about me (to be honest, it started long before this turn but it’s another story). But it’s still “fresh”, and this is a very important subject I want to talk about.

More, as I’m stuck in France for (at least) one more year, I’ll still be surrounded by all these judgy people for quite some time.

Don’t think I care about what they think of me. I don’t. Like, at all. But being surrounded by that much judgy people, sometime it’s just tiresome. And you have to stand for yourself a bit louder.

Being yourself is never easy, especially if you’re very different. But I have the feeling that it’s especially hard in France.

Being happy should be a top priority in life. And if you have to make a bold move to follow this path, just do it. No one else will do it for you – at least, no one really did that for me since I was born.

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