Introducing the Sunday Picture – and an update about the Instagram mess

You’ve probably spotted that this morning I released the first Sunday Picture on the blog.

As you may guess, this Sunday Picture won’t be the last of its kind. Step by step, I’m building the blog I really want.

The idea behind The Sunday Picture is pretty simple: Instagram messed up with its non-chronological feed, destroying months of curation work. Even worst, with the new algorithm the very idea of narration isn’t relevant anymore – something even Instagram acknowledges (see the last question in the link). The problem is I consider myself first and foremost as a… storyteller. Too bad for Instagram.

More generally, I’m sick to be dependant of platforms I don’t control enough. Facebook, Google, now Instagram, so much effort ruined because some stranger I’ll never met made some decision I don’t even know was made. I understand these companies have their own agenda, but I also have mine. I don’t see why I should spend time and effort to produce good quality content for companies that don’t give a shit about it. At the end, I’m just a number, one user in the hundred of millions they have…

As a result, I decided to avoid invest too much effort in places I don’t control anymore – at least where my control falls short. This is why I’ll publish some of my pictures here. Sorry Instagram, you won’t have these anymore.

I’m aware I won’t have all the likes and the “popularity” I may get on Instagram. But I don’t care. I don’t run after some sort of “celebrity” or whatever.

About Instagram itself, I don’t think I’ll finally shut down my account. But I’ll definitively use it in a very different way. Probably more like Snapchat or something like this, as a more visual “chat”. I don’t know yet.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this first Sunday Picture, and I hope you’ll enjoy all the other ones!

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