Twitter is killing off Vine – putting another load of users on the road

Twitter acquired Vine in 2012. Now, it’s shutting down. Same old story.

Casey Newton on The Verge :

Twitter is killing off Vine, the short-form video app it once hoped would complement its text-based network with a vibrant community of independent creators.

Things are not going well at Twitter. As with Dropbox, are these trouble due to bad luck or to bad decisions? I have a guess on that, but for now I’ll keep it for myself…

Another thing related to this story is that a lot of users massively invested in Vine, to see their work kind of disappear at the end. This is sad, and I think this is an issue more and more often raised by companies that run services with a lot of user generated content: how many blog platforms, bookmarking services and read later services and others closed their doors after a few years of operation?

The problem is all the work the users made somehow “for” these companies can suddenly disappears after the top management take a certain decision – in the interest of the company, not in the interest of users. In other words: the destiny of their work is not under their own hands. It’s probably even truer for free services, where the question of generating enough revenues to cover the costs is not an easy one…

Keeping full control on my content is one of the reason that explains I run this blog independently: the only person who can decide to shutdown 2T is me.

Only problem with this strategy is that I still need to invest in social medias like Twitter or Facebook to reach an audience, which means creating content for these platforms. But 1) this content does not define what I actually produce (2T does) 2) I’m researching ways to centralise stuff here, on 2T.

About Vine, I wasn’t an user myself so I lost nothing with its shutdown. But users should be more and more aware that what they produce on a platform they don’t own nor pay to use can lead to this kind of result.

EDIT: here’s the Vine announcement.

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