Gazon du Faing – #2

The Sunday Picture #2 – Gazon du Faing © Olivier Simard-Casanova

As you may know, last weekend I went with my friend Florence in the Vosges mountains, 100 kilometers south from where I live. During Saturday’s evening we spent more than a hour lying in the grass, looking at the Perseids. We saw more than fifteen of them! Some very impressive. It was magical.

And the morning after we came back at the very same place where we saw the meteors. This is where and when I took this picture. There’s a lot of my pictures I like, but this one is somehow special. I can’t say why though.

Gazon du Faing in Vosges, Lorraine (North East of France) – GPS

Introducing the Sunday Picture – and an update about the Instagram mess

You’ve probably spotted that this morning I released the first Sunday Picture on the blog.

As you may guess, this Sunday Picture won’t be the last of its kind. Step by step, I’m building the blog I really want.

The idea behind The Sunday Picture is pretty simple: Instagram messed up with its non-chronological feed, destroying months of curation work. Even worst, with the new algorithm the very idea of narration isn’t relevant anymore – something even Instagram acknowledges (see the last question in the link). The problem is I consider myself first and foremost as a… storyteller. Too bad for Instagram.

More generally, I’m sick to be dependant of platforms I don’t control enough. Facebook, Google, now Instagram, so much effort ruined because some stranger I’ll never met made some decision I don’t even know was made. I understand these companies have their own agenda, but I also have mine. I don’t see why I should spend time and effort to produce good quality content for companies that don’t give a shit about it. At the end, I’m just a number, one user in the hundred of millions they have…

As a result, I decided to avoid invest too much effort in places I don’t control anymore – at least where my control falls short. This is why I’ll publish some of my pictures here. Sorry Instagram, you won’t have these anymore.

I’m aware I won’t have all the likes and the “popularity” I may get on Instagram. But I don’t care. I don’t run after some sort of “celebrity” or whatever.

About Instagram itself, I don’t think I’ll finally shut down my account. But I’ll definitively use it in a very different way. Probably more like Snapchat or something like this, as a more visual “chat”. I don’t know yet.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this first Sunday Picture, and I hope you’ll enjoy all the other ones!

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